Dog Walking Service in Surrey BC  

Giving your dog regular exercise while you are away for long periods of time is a great way to ensure your dog abstains from destructive behaviour and helps them avoid having any accidents. Exercise stimulates their minds and will give you the confidence in knowing you will be coming home to a calm and relaxed pet.  

Our dog walking services are designed to be beneficial for everyone. Whether you're too busy to take your pooch out one time, or if he/she’s a rambunctious breed and needs a bit more exercise than you can handle on a weekly basis, we'll take care of him/her. Busy Paws makes sure to walk your dogs in one of Surrey or Langley's many dog friendly parks so you can be sure your lovable little fur ball will get the opportunity to do lots of socializing along the way. Of course, if your pup is more of a solitary animal and prefers solo walks, then we can arrange for that as well.

A free consultation will be provided for all new clients, so we can discuss your pet's specific needs.

Don't take our word for it, see the Busy Paws difference for yourself!

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Private Walks

These walks are done one-on-one in your neighbourhood, great for dogs that prefer to keep to themselves or need one on one attention from the walker. 

60 Minutes: $33
30 Minutes: $23

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Group Walks*

Group walks are great for dogs that love to romp and play with other dogs, within a controlled and monitored environment. We are one of Surrey’s only off-leash group dog walkers.

60 minutes: $23


Relief Break Visits

In home visit to let your dog or dogs outside for a bathroom break, feeding, medication or whatever else may be needed.

15 Minutes: $17


  • All prices include GST

  • An additional 25% charge will apply for walks on Saturday and Sunday

  • An additional 25% charge will apply for each additional dog from the same household for private walks and relief breaks

  • An additional $12 charge will apply for each additional dog from the same household for group walks

  • All dog walks prepaid a month in advance receive 10% off

  • *All dogs on group walks must be up to date on vaccinations to protect themselves and other pets from risk of exposure

Service Area

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