Other Services

Busy Paws Dog Walking and Pet Care is a full service pet care business run by a professional Veterinary Technician with over ten years’ experience in Surrey, BC and all the proper and necessary training, credentials and equipment. This means we are able to offer more than just walking and pet sitting services. 

Proper and professional nail trimming allows you to maintain proper pet hygiene for your furry friend and to stop that annoying click clack on your hardwood floors. We also offer anal gland expression for dogs when necessary (this is generally when they seem to be scooting and dragging there bums a lot more than usual).

Finally, are you having trouble getting your dogs to appointments on time? Try our new pooch Taxi service. We will pick your dog up at a scheduled time and place and make sure that he/she makes it to her appointment on time. We will also pick them up and drop them off as well if needed.


Nail Trim

Is your pets clickity clacking on the hardwood floors driving you nuts?  We offer nail trimming.


Pet Taxi

Is life getting in the way of you getting your pets to their appointments on time?  Take advantage of our pet taxi service.

Price varies depending on location and distance traveled

Anal Gland Expression

Is your dog scooting a lot lately? This may mean that they need their anal glands expressed.