Brandi provided pet care services a number of times for our cat, Mac when we travelled. Her services included feeding him, visiting with him twice a day, and cleaning / refreshing his litter box. She was excellent with Mac, who tends to be shy and skittish around people. Mac absolutely loved Brandi and always warmed up to her very quickly as he had met her previously at his vet’s office.
During a couple of the times that Brandi cared for Mac, he was on a course of medication and we were very comfortable that she knew exactly how to administer it and monitor him for any issues while he was getting better. She always kept in touch with us during our travels and let us know how he was doing. He was always happy and well cared for when we came home.
I can’t say enough good things about Brandi. She has always been reliable and her standard of care for our fur baby exceeded our expectations.
I would recommend Busy Paws Dog Walking and Pet Care without hesitation. We wish Brandi all the very best!
— Betty I.
Brandi is amazing and I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else.
— Alison S.
Long story short. Busy Paws has been an amazing help with my puppy, Miso, for my wife and daughter while I am at work. We have a 1 year old so having someone help out with our young pup is amazing. Brandi, the owner, is always friendly and always excellent with Miso in terms of discipline. She even shows us a few things to help keep miso disciplined. Busy Paws is a definite recommend.
— Jordon Y.
Brandi has looked after my rescue dog that has severe separation anxiety and my dog loves her.
She is very experienced with all types of animals, with her experience and extensive background working with animals. I would highly recommend her!
— Debbie S.
Dog Walker
My pup and I are pretty excited to have met Brandi! I work long hours and Brandi makes sure she gets a break in the middle of it all :). Thank you for loving my fur baby and for the pics.
— Julie B.
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